Information about the Project

Name of the Project: Support of town twinning by the national associations of local self-governments in the Slovak and the Czech Republics
Leading partner: Association of Towns and Communities of the Slovak Republic (ZMOS)
Partner: Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (SMO ČR)
Project Implementation: February 2011 – April 2012
Financing: co-financed from the Europe for Citizens Programme 2007-2013


These websites are one of the outcomes of the joint project of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic and the Association of Towns and Communities of the Slovak Republic. The purpose of the project was to support the creation and maintenance of the international partnerships (twinning) of Czech and Slovak towns and municipalities. Its aim was to broaden the services provided to the municipalities and towns by the Union and the Slovak association ZMOS in this area.

Main Outcomes of the Project

1. Update of the database of functioning partnerships of Czech towns and municipalities

The database gives the Union a better survey of the international partnerships of Czech towns and municipalities. The data will make it possible for us to provide local self-governments with better and more specific information and services and communicate directly with the officials responsible for partnership cooperation, etc.

2. New websites

These websites feature all information concerning possibilities of starting new partnerships, the financing of those activities and all other related information. In addition, there is an interactive map on which it will be possible to display the partner towns with which the particular Czech town or community is twinned.

3. Publication “Current Trends in Town-twinning Cooperation of Towns and Municipalities”

In the publication readers will find examples of successful projects and cooperation pursued in the framework of town-twinning programmes. The publication of examples of good practice is very important, as it helps people to realise the importance of international partnership cooperation and its benefits for the participating towns and municipalities. Part of the publication is an analysis covering the current situation and the trends in the area of town twinning and the international cooperation of Czech self-governments.

4. Consulting services for communities concerning town-twinning issues

The aim of the project has been to improve the information and consulting services provided by the Union of Towns and Municipalities CR to communal representatives interested in starting partnerships with foreign towns or looking for information concerning the possibilities of financing the partnership activities of their towns/communities.